Bespoke canoe or overland vehicle based expedition preparation, outfitting and leadership.
I wasn’t really surprised when people started asking me to lead expeditions again. I never really intended to permanently leave Africa after my time there in the eighties and nineties. People say that five years spent driving overland trucks and working on conservation projects in remote areas must have left me with a spirit of freedom and adventure but the truth is that I think that it has always been there, the time I spent in my youth out in the woods pursuing, photographing or just observing wildlife was always far more real to me than the schooling and distractions of the modern world. What it has done is left me with a knowledge and instinct for the practical requirements of running an expedition. Whether it be preparing and maintaining a vehicle, choosing the right equipment, planning a route to best fulfil the aspirations of a group or assessing the security and political stability of a region or just ensuring that there is a good meal after a long day I am aware that it is attention to detail allied to my love of sharing the knowledge of wildlife and outdoor living that I have developed over the years and joy at learning new skills from those around me that creates an enjoyable and fulfilling adventure.

Scottish Wilderness Canoe Expeditions

Whether your joining one of my Scottish classic canoe journeys or using my services to plan and equip your own bespoke expedition Scotland can provide relatively easy access to some truly stunning wilderness scenery and the chance to encounter some spectacular wildlife; from otters and seals, pine martens and deer to ospreys and eagles they and many more are there waiting to be discovered.

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Future planned trips include;

– A very personal overland Safari for a client that will hopefully leave me with the opportunity to offer a prepared vehicle and equipment for hire for further bespoke adventures in East Africa during the summer of 2015.

– A canoe based expedition to the rain forest of Belize to observe and track Birds and Jaguars in company with a British professional ornithologist with extensive experience working in reserves in the region. Still very much in the planning stage, timing and itinerary yet to be agreed.