Whether your joining one of my Scottish classic canoe journeys or using my services to plan and equip your own bespoke expedition Scotland can provide relatively easy access to some truly stunning wilderness scenery and the chance to encounter some spectacular wildlife; from otters and seals, pine martens and deer to ospreys and eagles they and many more are there waiting to be discovered.

Over the years I have built up extensive knowledge of many of Scotlands most beautiful wild places but there are many more waiting to be explored. Massive lochs that cut for many miles through otherwise inaccessible mountains and moorland offering a route to create a base camp from which to hike or climb in some of the countries most remote and majestic peaks. River descents offering ever changing views for many days or aquatic byways that combine extensive systems of lochs, rivers and estuaries eventually leading to dramatic coastlines of rocky headlands, sandy beaches and mysterious islands.

But always there is time to stop and explore, watch the wildlife or investigate their tracks and signs, practice your bush craft skills or just absorb the atmosphere created by the scenery and ever changing light before selecting the place where we will set up our bush camp for the night and cook our meal over a fire while swapping some stories or sharing some outdoor living skills, or maybe just slipping away to quietly enjoy the place and your own company.
I like to travel in small groups, up to a maximum of about six to eight people, that’s enough to allow plenty of social interaction without causing too much disturbance or risking people getting ‘lost’ on the fringe of a large group. Of course I spend a lot of time alone in the wilds or travelling with one or two companions.
Although people often like to bring their own equipment I can provide as much, or as little, safety, camping and cooking equipment as we need. All you have to bring is your sleeping bag, suitable clothes and camera etc. As far as possible we will use my growing fleet of beautiful lightweight cedar strip canoes. If a specific purpose, for instance a climbing or filming expedition or a family or company team building exercise means a larger group extra canoes can be hired or I can call on one of my trusted compatriots to provide any extra equipment, transport and personnel needed.
My favourite times to be in Scotland are in the spring and autumn which is when I usually organize my ‘classic’ tours which you can join as an individual, couple or group. Bespoke expeditions can be arranged any time that I am available. See the ‘diary’ page for details.